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Basement Floor

Unloading Panels and Framing Basement Walls

First Floor Joists

Backfilling and First Floor Joists, Day 2

First Floor Joists, Day 3 + Decking

First Floor Decking

First Floor Walls

First Floor Stair Walls

Second Floor Joists

Crop Duster

Second Floor Decking

Second Floor Walls

Second Floor Ceiling

Second Floor Ceiling Day 2

Cupola Walls

Cupola Walls Day 2


Rafters and Cupola

The View

Sheathing the Roof

Sheathing the Cupola

Metal Roofing and Stairs

Miscellaneous Stair Pictures

Finishing the Cupola / Roof Hip Caps

Window Installation

Siding Installation

Siding Installation - Second Weekend

Siding Installation - Third Weekend

Interior Walls

Mechanical Systems 1

Interior Walls 2

HVAC and Wiring 1

Wiring 2

Various Progress 1

Inside the Walls

Drywall 1

Drywall 2

Drywall 3

Drywall 4

Blower Door Testing

Water, Caulk, Drywall


Porch 1

Porch Flooring

Porch Columns

Rock Wall and Porch Framing

Porch Roof

Chimney Brick

Various Outside Tasks

Septic System, Sunset, Drywall

Painting and Plumbing

Drywall, flooring, painting, trim, landscaping

Floor, Trim, Touch Up

Moth, Stove, Tools

Painting, wiring, door jambs

More Trim

Trim - Posts

Backbands, Baseboards and Flooring

First Floor Flooring

Stair Trim 1

Stair Trim 2

Stair Trim 3

Stair Trim 4

Cabinets / Shoe

Finishing up & Moving In!

Special Images

Panoramic View